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Stylish Hair Spray
A super hard styling spray which can maintain any hair style perfectly

AWI-100     12g

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Stylish Luster Spray
A non sticky spray which adds the original luster to hair

AWI-99     14g

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Shaving Foam For a close shave
A shaving foam which preserves the skin, giving a smooth, clean shave

AWI-104   19g.

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Self Defense Spray
Portable, with no attachments, a small size self defense spray which emits a strongly odorous mist

AWI-89     20ml

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Toilet Deodorizer
A pocket size spray which you can always take with you to remove offensive odors immediately

AWI-92     20ml

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Toilet Seat Cleaner
Sprayed onto tissue paper, the disinfectant removes all germs and enables safe seating

AWI-90   20ml

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Deodorizer and disinfectant for Clothing
Quickly removes odor and germs from clothing fabric

AWI-98   20ml

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Deodorizer and disinfectant for Boots
All at once removes the mold and bacteria which cause odor

AWI-91   20ml

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Spray for Shining Shoes
Prevents aging by adding natural gloss and nutrients

AWI-94   20ml

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Waterproofing Spray for Shoes
Protects shoes from rain and soiling without harming texture

AWI-93   20ml

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Add gloss removes grime
Adds natural luster by removing stubborn grime and grass stain

AWI-96   20ml

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Anti Rust Spray
Rust prevention from head to shaft with this single spray

AWI-95   20ml