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Ultra Duster

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Ultra Duster 10 oz.

Ultra Duster is a 152a compressed gas air duster. Primary usage is to blast dust, dirt, and unwanted micro-articles away from computers, keyboards, printers plus many more (see list below). Other usage including in offices, factories, and automobiles.

Other uses:
Computers. Keyboards. Sewing Machines. Photo Equipment. Cash Registers. Printers. Fax Machines. Copiers. Telephones. Lab Equipment. Tvs. VCRs. Typewriters. Vaccuums. Shredders. Scanners. Stereos. Watches. Clocks. Mailing Machines. Fans. Audio Equipment. Electric Razors. Sports Equipment. Musical Instruments. Guns. Desk Tops. Audio/Video Equipment. Laboratory Instruments. Printers.