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         AWD prides itself as being the leader in private labeling compressed gas, otherwise known as air duster in the United States. Many companies to whom we private label compressed gas choose either to market it as their own brand or use it as a promotional item for their business.
        We are an world-class industrial gas manufacturer offering the lowest and most competitive prices on compressed gas private labeling with the highest in product quality. We currently private label compressed gas for many small and large companies. Due the fact we own the factories in China gives us the ability to offer aerosol manufacturing for compressed gas at a much lower price than any aerosol filling facilities worldwide.
        If preferred, we can also print the name and address of the customer on the back of any of our cans of Ultra Duster.

AWD on competitive pricing with cutting-edge marketing
• Flexible order quantities (short and long runs)
• Complimentary Assistance with Label Design. Our design and marketing team is standing by to assist you.
• International Sales and Marketing Support
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