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Waterproofing Spray for Shoes

Removing the dirt form your shoes, spray from a 15cm distance after stirring it to be uniform.
Water repelling function can play a role after the surface is completely dried.
Wipe softly in case of no brightness.
For suede leather, polish with a brush after it is dried.
Keep your from rainwater and the contamination of mud and oil; powerfully maintain the neatness of your shoes.
Small-sized, light-weighted, easy to use.
It must be used in an outdoor environment, pay attention to the wind direction, avoid breathing in the product.
In case of eye contact, do not rub the eyes, flush the eyes with large amount of water; see doctor immediately in case it does not work.
The solvent is flammable; keep it away from fire resource. The amount use for each time should not be too much.
Keep it out of the touch of children and pets, away from direct sunlight, high temperature and high humidity.

AWI-93   20ml